Bagging Falls

Looking down on the top of Lemon Falls.

This is where I played outside today. What is not evident was the 30 foot drop from the road to this spot at the bottom of the falls. It is a gem of a spot, just off some private property. Rhododendrons cover the slopes, beneath which a banquet of mosses grow over the rocks. After the two inches of rain we received from the big system that threw 50+ tornados down in Indiana and Kentucky, the water was flowing very well. The climb was a bit treacherous, due to all the moisture and moss. But I'd do it again. :)

As you can tell from the lack of activity around here, I've been Occupied With Other Tasks. So today was a play day. A get-your-butt-outside day. I had previously downloaded the Waterfall Guide from Transylvania County's


website. I figured that if I live here, I really ought to know where these puppies are, right? So we elected to try a couple of falls up highway 215, where we had previously only gone to observe some ice climbing. HA! Didn't know you could do that here, did you?

Looking up from a grip on rhododendron.

Lemon Falls was the first stop. Initially, our "waterfall guide" gave us instructions we could follow with ease. After that, directions became more vague--something to the effect of "pull over to the grassy area on the left side of the road." Trust me, there was not much extra space on either side of the vehicle. What was immediately obvious was that this falls is not one of the most pursued in the county. No furrowed gashes in the grass. I would absolutely NOT suggest this for small children. The possibility of skull-bursting slippage is just too great. That being said, the site was beautiful.

Getting level with the top of the falls.

The first photo was where we initially came down the slope. A nifty spot at the top of the falls. Big rocks, big rhodos, lots of moss and resurrection fern--but no safe way to get a decent shot of the falls. So we headed back to the top to try a different way down.

Here is where we discovered that shoes make a difference. The rest of the "down" options were very leafy, mossy and moist. Regular hiking shoes with "lugs" on the bottom were not nearly as secure as the more Vibrum-y, "wet surface" gripping type soles. So I ended up going alone to the bottom. If you go, take it slow.

Looking down the falls from somewhere near the middle.

I encourage you to open the last two images (click on them) to see a larger view. The mosses were just gorgeous.

After the climb back up (after which I huffed and puffed extensively--MUST do this more often!), we headed off to try to bag another waterfall--Bird's Nest Falls. We got back on to 215 and headed North.


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Visit a Zoo!

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