She Maketh Me Jealous

She Maketh Me Jealous

From Alex, my taunting sister...  ;)

ANOTHER hummer nest is coming together on my patio!


This is how it went.


6:55 a.m., shuffling to the kitchen to fix some tea

me: What's making my ficus tree jiggle?

cats: who cares, there are hungry cats here you know!

me: you've got to be KIDDING me!

cats: what? never mind!  hungry!

me: is she really? dudes, she's recycling the other nest.

cats: stupid bird!  hey!  you're late already!  and we're hungry!

me: shuttenzee up!


The tree, mind you, due to recent reorganization is now only two feet from the kitchen's patio doors.  The nest itself is arm's length from where I stand at the microwave. 

Tonight I will go out and set up the patio umbrella frame that will be receiving camouflage netting next week.  Want to get that degree of commotion finished before the nest is complete, for sure. ...  I will also clean the kitchen's patio window.  The new angle is going to be much better for photos if she ends up sticking with this nest.  In fact, I may have to order that BirdCam this time!

Foamflower Cultivar

Foamflower Cultivar

Early Blooming Native: Phlox subulata

Early Blooming Native: Phlox subulata