The Big Recycle

The Big Recycle

We are demolishing our deck.

This particular deck was a design abomination from the get-go. It ran nearly the length of the back of the house, came out ten feet, and then was fenced in on all sides with a four foot barrier high-back bench with one three foot opening.

Needless to say, I was not about to be fenced in.

The first thing that happened was the lowering of the bench back. Chain saws are lovely tools for this. I used my little electric and had it accomplished in no time. The second change was to add openings at both ends so it was possible to leave the deck efficiently. The third change was to enlarge the three-foot opening to five. After that, I was able to live with it for more than a year.

Things change, however. We really needed to address the surface water on this lot, since there is plenty of slope dumping water at our foundation. That meant digging up a goodly portion of yard to install pipe. If I'm going to make a mess, I've always felt it should be a really big one. So while we're at it, the deck is going bye-bye and a small concrete slab is going down that will serve as a patio until it can begin its true life as a sunroom.

But that still leaves me with a lot of wood that's not all bad. Some of it is split all the way through, and that will, unfortunately, be destined for the landfill. Demolition has been a balance between "saving" the longest pieces we possibly can and cuts made for speed. Nails are being removed. Anything useable is being trimmed to the longest possible length, and is destined to become a tool shed on our rental property.  This is the most efficient recycling in which I've ever participated. What was once a 25 foot deck will become the framing for an 8'x10' shed. It might even get a little front porch on it, for looks.

Once again, one of our fabulous neighbors is pitching in. And once again, people taking walks in the cemetery are looking our way indulgently as the power tools disturb the peace. They must not have cared much for the deck, either. It was a pretty dismal gray.

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