Why Native

The first time I planted something in my yard it was because I liked the flowers. Probably the 2nd through 27th times, too. Plants would bloom, the blooms would fade, and then I'd be left with green stuff.

As a former art teacher, I have a distinct affinity for color. So I'd just keep putting it out there...eventually I did recognize this as an exercise in futility. Why keep digging up stuff and putting new stuff in?

The great thing about a thoughtfully developed backyard that encourages wildlife is that you get year-round color of both the plant and animal variety. Some of the color fades, new colors emerge, and when songbirds or butterflies come dashing through you get color on the hoof. Lively, lovely and entertaining.

Through the years I've gained insight and respect for how the systems work together. Which plants need birds, which need butterflies, why you won't have butterflies without certain plants, etc., etc. As my interest developed, I came to understand how important it is to support these forms of life if I want to be able to continue to enjoy them. So I chose to make an investment in my yard. An investment in a garden that would support life. An investment in the future I want to see, if only the future of my own backyard.

This blog is the story of that ongoing investment.
Bad Bug Predator

Bad Bug Predator